Epicurious Adventures & Private Parties

Epicurious Adventures & Private Parties

  • $100.00
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In an effort to create unique experiences for those foodies out there, young and old, we have come up with the concept of private Epicurious Adventures! A space where you can come and learn, with a group of your friends and/or family, about different foodie topics! Pasta, pickles, pastry, ethnic cuisines, you name it, we will take your tastebuds on an adventure!

Epicurious Adventures  are a wonderful way for you to commune with your foodie friends: girls nights, couple date nights, birthday parties, wedding showers, family together time and so much more! You gather the group and together, we will curate the perfectly themed Epicurious Adventure designed for you!

$100 per person

Adventure Location: Kelle B Jammin' Kitchen: 5507 126th Street, Suite #215, Lubbock, Tx, 79424

Cost for 2-Hour Adventure : $100.00 per person

Student Requirements:

  • Children Ages 8+
  • Teenagers & Adults of All Ages
  • Beginning/basic knife skills (has used a sharp knife before, does not have to be perfect, just not be afraid of knives)
  • Ready to have some serious fun on an Epicurious Adventure!

Come to the Kelle B Kitchen for a hands-on cooking class where you will learn practical, everyday cooking & baking skills that will stay with you for life! Whether you are young or old, inexperienced or experienced, we will teach you tips, tricks and methods that will have you cooking more in your own home kitchen! Each Epicurious Adventure is an in-depth, hands-on experience that is tailored to the students abilities, tastes & interests. Home cooking and baking is what this is all about! If you are seeking out new taste sensations, we can accommodate a culinary adventure for you that will have family and friends impressed with your new mad cooking skills!

  • Limited spaces available, but reasonable accommodations can be made for special circumstances. Suggested 8 guests or less. 
  • You will be responsible for gathering a group of friends for the adventure and scheduling a time that works best for everyone. Epicurious topics can be discussed and decided on before class. ($100 per student)
  • *I do NOT teach cookie, cake decorating or jam making.*
  • Please make any allergies or dietary restrictions known at the time of purchase. 

Once you have purchased your lesson, we will touch base to set up a time and theme that works best for everyone.