Kelle B Jammin’ Mini Jam 4 Pack

Kelle B Jammin’ Mini Jam 4 Pack

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The Kelle B Jammin’ Mini Jams Sample Set is an adorable way to show someone special that you care and/or a great way to test out some of Kelle B Jammin’s jamtastic flavors.

In each mini jam set you will receive 4 mini (1.25 ounce) jars of 4 different Kelle B Jammin’ flavors!  In addition, you will get a handmade cloth napkin and 4 mini wooden spoons to scoop that jam goodness from each jar!  All this, wrapped up in a cute cardboard berry crate and cellophane with a bow to finish it off nicely!


4 – 1.25 ounce jars of 4 different flavored jams

4 mini wooden spoons

gift wrapped

*****ATTENTION!!! Please make sure to note jam preferences in the “notes” section at check out.  We will always strive to fulfill your order as best we can, but because we make small batches we might not always have your first preferences available and in stock at the moment of your order.  The more general you can be with your preferences the better it is for the jammer!   (i.e. “half sweet, half spicy”  “peach flavors preferred” “all sweet flavors,” etc…)  If the notes are left blank, it will be assumed you want JAMMER’S CHOICE!