Taking the STINK Out of Wine & Cheese Pairings

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Class Cost:

$45 per person

$80 per couple (2 people)

Kelle B’s Kitchen: 5507 126th Street, #215

Class Time: Saturday, May 19th, 7pm

Come join Kelle B Jammin' & Burklee Hill Vineyards for this tasty and educational class, all about taking the "stink" out of wine pairings!  Elizabeth will teach you how to pair Burklee Hill wines with cheeses & chocolates, & Kelle B will show you how easy it is to craft the perfect cheeseboard for your next gathering!

There will be a live demonstration, tastings of wine and foods and lots of discussion!  Did somebody say "date night??"

Do you have a group of friends that want to all take a class together? Would you like a private cooking lesson? Just contact me and we can schedule you a private party or lesson whenever you like!