Quick Pickling Class | Saturday, September 15

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$60 per person

Includes cost of class and materials; you will need to have basic knife skills.

Kelle B’s Kitchen: 5507 126th Street, #215

Class Time: Saturday, September 15th, 10:30am-12:30pm

Description: Introductory, hands-on workshop acquainting you with the wonderful world of making quick (refrigerator) pickles (i.e. not shelf stable).  You will gain an understanding of the ratios needed to make a pickling liquid or brine, and be introduced to some traditional and not so traditional spices mixes to make your pickles stand out!

This is a HANDS-ON class which means YOU will be cutting up the vegetables, preparing, packing and filling your own jars.  I will be there to guide you to greatness, but you will have the enjoyment and pride of crafting your OWN pickles. You will leave with 3 – 16 oz. jars of veggie pickles that you have crafted & recipe cards.  Any additional jars you make during class are $8 each (16 oz jars).

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Do you have a group of friends that want to all take the class together? Would you like a private cooking lesson? Just contact me and we can schedule you a private party or lesson whenever you like!

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All photos by Lissa Anglin Photography.