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After 18 years of being an entrepreneur in west Texas, I've learned a thing or two about how to navigate the rough waters of commerce in a small, but growing town.

Entrepreneurs are regular people, like you and me, who have found a passion for small business based off of a hobby turned business, or a problem you see that you know you can solve. Many of us fell into it by accident, or necessity, or thought it would be a good side gig, but now it’s grown into a successful budding business.

Often, you may find you’ve hit a road block, don’t know how to take the next “right” step to get you to the next level, or maybe you started off with a bang and now you feel you are fizzling out.  I’ve been there, I know what you are going through and can help you move forward when you feel bogged down by unanswered questions and insecurities.

If you are looking for a little help, REAL advice, REAL concrete solutions, and a REAL first-hand account of running a small business, Kelle B Consulting can help. Sometimes a different perspective is all you need to kick start the inspiration you need to take that next big step.

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* Tailored one-on-one consultations to discuss the obstacles and/or questions and concerns you face as a small business owner or as a newbie entrepreneur.

* Create a small business strategy to help set out a series of realistic goals that you can meet on a realistic timeline. Plus, optional regular check-ins from me to help keep you on track and troubleshoot any roadblocks that appear.  

* REAL solutions to your business problems that can be solved quickly and efficiently with local professionals and concrete resources.

* Business tips & tricks via my We're Here to Learn Podcast.

* You’ll benefit from my first-hand knowledge & experiences regarding:

  • Defined Business Terms
  • Business Diversification
  • Pivoting
  • Community Involvement
  • Small Business Banking
  • Small Business Accounting
  • Small Business Insurance
  • Continuing Education
  • Marketing & PR
  • Social Media
  • Navigating Small Business Emotions
  • & so much more.
My goal is to:
  • Help you move forward from the place you are now
  • Give you advice to help you take that next step
  • Keep you on track and accountable to your goals
  • Guide you to solutions that work best for you and your business