Quick Pickling Kits by Kelle B
Quick Pickling Kits by Kelle B
Quick Pickling Kits by Kelle B
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Quick Pickling Kits by Kelle B

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These fun DIY Pickling Kits simplify the art of making refrigerator pickles. It’s a fast and easy project that you and your family can accomplish in a short period of time!

In each kit you will receive 2 spice packets with 2 different spice blends (one classic blend & 1 wild card blend). This means you will be able to make 2 jars of pickles! 

Simply select your favorite vegetable, cut them up in whatever way you’d enjoy them (chips, spears, whole, diced, etc...), follow the detailed instructions inside the jar and presto! You’ve made you some homemade pickles!

Veggies that can be pickled in any combination: cucumbers, radishes, carrots, onions, all peppers,  cauliflower, avocado, peas, beans, daikon, garlic, asparagus, beets... the list goes on and on! Mix and match favorite veggies, or keep it classic and use one type of veg per batch!

So what are you waiting for?!?! Snag you an easy DIY project that is tasty AND good for you!

NOTE: Vegetables, water & vinegar are not included. Everything else needed is in the jar! 


NOW AVAILABLE!!! Replacement spice packets! Already have the jar and instructions? Just purchase the spice packets to get you back to preserving the taste of summer!

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