Pecan Spice Malted Pancake Mix

Pecan Spice Malted Pancake Mix

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Kelle B's Malted Pancake Mix is now FALL-ified with the warm toasty pie spices we all love PLUS toasted pecans from Pecan Ridge based out of Lubbock, TX! They still taste like fresh from the griddles of your favorite old school breakfast cafe but with an autumnal twist!  You'll impress everyone with these tasty treats and you can add chocolate chips, sprinkles, nuts, cooked bacon or sausage, or fruit to the batter to add your own twist and make them your own!

We like ours slathered with jam, of course, but some warm maple syrup & freshly whipped cream isn't bad either!

Each bag contains 3 cups of mix with instructions on the back. Each bag makes a total of 18 medium (5" round) pancakes or many mini ones! You can get 6 pancakes out of each recipe which uses 1 cup of mix.

Mix Contains: all-purpose flour, malted milk powder (wheat flour & malted barley extracts, milk soy lecithin, salt, sodium bicarbonate), toasted pecans, sugar, baking powder, salt, baking soda, cinnamon and other spices